Koi Pond Algae Control is a major concern for many pond owners trying to find a way to effectively prevent green water algae blooms in their water gardens.

Algae control in Koi ponds and water gardens is popular topic of discussion among pond and water garden hobbyists the world over.  Place a glass of water in direct sunlight and sooner or later, the water will turn green.  This green water can be especially annoying to pond owners, many of whom spend thousands of dollars for Japanese Koi fish only to find them difficult to see once an algae bloom takes hold of their pond.  Unlike natural bodies of water, most Koi ponds do not have a continuous supply of fresh water.  This reality often contributes to “pea soup” green water as excess nutrients build up in outdoor water features, creating the ideal environment for algae to take hold.

It is important to understand that green water, in itself, does not constitute unhealthy water for Koi and other pond fish.  While unsightly, algae blooms are not dangerous to Koi health and present an eyesore to the pond owner more than anything else.  Green water can be exceptional healthy for Koi.  And the reserve is also true.  Even water that is immaculately clean can be toxic to fish.  Many pond owners make the mistake of believing that just because their water is clear it is also healthy for their Koi.  Unfortunately, many of these water gardeners learn the hard way that clear water is more for the benefit of the pond owner than for their fish. 

In order to achieve the natural balance so many pond owners speak of, there are some useful guidelines which can help you achieve healthy, clear water for your backyard fish pond.  Do not overstock your pond.  Be diligent about water changes.  Use quality fish food and do not overfeed.  It is recommended to do a 10% water change on a weekly basis to help ensure optimal water quality.  This also aids in maximizing Koi growth.  It is recommended to allow 200 gallons of swimming area for each Koi fish inhabiting your pond. Despite what you may have read to the contrary, not all Koi foods are the same.  Quality foods produce less waste, resulting in better water quality and less time spent cleaning your pond.  Only feed your fish what they will devour in 5 minutes and quickly remove any uneaten food.

When it comes to controlling algae in your pond, there are basically three options to choose from.  These include (1) algaecides, (2) natural barley products, and (3) ultraviolet sterilization.  Each of these options has pros and cons, which should be considered before you make a decision. 

Algaecides and algae control chemicals are relatively cheap and can be effective in quickly removing green water.  The negative of these fixes is they are temporary and in order to achieve sustainable results, treatments must be repeated on an ongoing basis.  Furthermore, many of these products greatly reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen in your pond.  This can create dangerous conditions for fish, especially larger Koi which require a higher volume of oxygen to survive.

Natural barley products are extremely popular for use in planted water gardens.  Because they are natural, these offerings do not present the same dangers as chemical algaecides.  The lone drawback to many barley products is they tend to break down over time, resulting in adding workload for your filter system.  This can result in significantly more maintenance work for the pond owner.  Overall, because of their economical price tag and low risk, natural barley is the option of choice for many hobbyists.

Ultraviolet sterilizers provide a quick and permanent solution to green water and algae blooms commonly found in outdoor fish ponds.  Extremely easy to install and offering low energy usage, UV sterilizers function by killing free floating algae particles.  This dead algae then sinks to the bottom of your pond where it is ultimately removed by your filter system.  UV sterilizers also help to reduce the amount of anaerobic bacteria in your pond, lessening the occurrence of parasite outbreaks and common Koi illnesses.  The lone drawback to installing a UV is the ongoing cost of replacement lamps.  For maximum results, it is recommended to replace the lamp in your UV clarifier at least once every 24 months. 

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